In addition to scoring perfect and near-perfect scores on supplier reviews, below is a sampling of customer comments about Drake’s quality and service.

Our customers label us well.

“Just wanted to tell you the turn-around time was excellent, your response time (answering questions, providing quotes, preproduction proofs) has been exceptional! Sure makes doing business easy! Thanks again!”

Mike Bankard  | QTS

“Thanks for everything, Liz. You and your team continue to exceed our needs. We appreciate all of your hard work.”

Erik Johanson | Program Manager, Flextronics

“Wonderful. Thank you for the great effort. Congratulate your team on my behalf. What a spectacular job.”

Jose | Material Buyer | Lancer Corp.

“Thanks again for your responsiveness and excellent customer service. Drake is one of the few vendors that is a ‘fire and forget’ vendor for us, meaning that if I present a target, I needn’t worry about keeping an eye on you guys. Thanks for all that you guys do for us and the speed and dedication with which you do it.”

Steve Johnson | Bench Tree

“I want to give Drake Industries a BIG thank you for the continued exceptional effort you put forth in the quick turn of die cut label product. If this were a one-off experience I would not be as impressed but every opportunity you do for us is exceptional. Your “commits” I can bank on with the quality to go with it. It is such a pleasure to work with Drake. I can tell that Tim Moore exemplifies a philosophy to his employees that customer satisfaction is really number one, day in and day out. Again, thanks so much Liz for going out of the way to make us feel special. Drake must be a great place to work!!”

NPI Purchasing Manager | Flextronics

“Wanted to thank you and your staff for getting these out so quick…again!!! I received them just in time today for some orders that were shipping today.”

Nancy | Video Associates Lab

“Drake makes it easy. We have been working with Drake for three years. It was a very simple process to set up the design and pick the colors for our customized bezels. I enjoy working with them, and the customer service is second to none.”

Chief Operating Officer | Video Workflow and Distribution Systems Provider

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“I have my tags and they look great. Thank you very much for the quick turn around.”

Director of Operations | Hosted Managed Services Provider

“I have to tell you that the relationship that we enjoy with your company is as good as I’ve ever seen. Certainly it is by far the best of any label manufacturer I’ve dealt with and that goes back several decades…I wish you could see the disparity in service we’ve experienced with other label manufacturers. Night and day! We appreciate your attention to detail and responsiveness.”

Gary | Frontier Electronic

“Drake Industries has differentiated itself as a NetQoS partner, not just a supplier, with consistent quality, proven dependability and quick turnaround times, all backed by a team with an excellent understanding of the demands of our industry.”

Matt | Manufacturing Operations Manager | NetQos

“Just wanted to let you know that we received the badges today and they look fantastic. Thanks for such excellent work. This should leave a professional mark on our servers as we launch a new product.”

John | VisibleWorld

“Drake Industries is one of the most reliable suppliers within my approved vendor listing. I appreciate their commitment to customer service and know that I can always depend on them, especially when a quick turnaround is essential.”

Becky | Senior Buyer | Luminex

“Thank you for all of your, and your employees, hard work for us. It’s truly a pleasure doing business with you, and I look forward to more in 2009.”

Nick | Art Director | Castle Creations

“Thank you. I think that you all do a fabulous job. You are very responsive to my needs and very easy to work with.”

Alan | Program Manager Naval Systems Corp. | Frontier Electronics

“We received the labels and love them. We appreciate you answering all of our questions and getting the information to us quickly. Thanks for all of your help.”

Don | Proper Storage