Drake Industries offers a full range of materials and print/manufacturing capabilities that support our durable label and marking solutions.

A full compliment of capabilities

We are capable of manufacturing a variety of labels and printing on a variety of materials and films. We are also the only UL® certified label manufacturer, and the only UL® and CSA® label printer in central Texas.

Tamper Evident/Tamper Resistant/Void Labels

Drake tamper evident/tamper resistant/void labels utilize polyester base material and are designed to protect product warranties as well as identify unauthorized access to equipment. Drake tamper evident/void labels offer durability against water, UV rays and chemicals/solvents and are UL® and CSA® rated. Drake tamper evident/void are available in a thickness of .002″ to enable application flexibility over seams and corners and can be found in industries such as aerospace/NASA, avionics, consumer electronics, government, industrial/manufacturing, military, oceanic/nautical and oil/gas.


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Die Cutting

Drake offers a 100-ton clamshell press that enables cutting most any material including aluminum up to 20-mils thick. To save on tooling costs for your custom die-cut decals, we maintain a library of over 3,000 standard and custom dies that are available at no additional charge. We also offer quick-turn custom die production to enable you to get to market faster.


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Wide & Narrow Format Digital Cutting

Precision cutting of labels, where size or cost is prohibitive with traditional die cutting, is supported with Drake’s digital cutting equipment. Complex shapes, curves and details can be cut quickly and easily, leaving smooth, accurate edges. Waste material can be weeded or left in place.


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Full Color Digital Printing

Drake offers customers the advantage of full color prime and durable labels in small and mid quantities via narrow format digital printing. Narrow format digital printing with EcoSolvent ink delivers high quality, yet cost-efficient full color labels for orders that are too small for traditional flexographic or high-volume digital printing. Custom shapes and sizes as well as complex patterns are supported without the costs associated with expensive dies or plates. Printing on Mylar®/polyester & paper is ideal.  Drake also offers wide format Digital printing and Flexographic printing.


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Wide Format Digital Printing

Drake’s large format digital printing equipment is ideal for full color large format durable signs and instrumentation overlays up to 60″ wide. Our process enables us to use solvent inks that resist harsh environments, chemicals and heavy use. Printing is available on multiple materials and overlays including Lexan®/polycarbonate and Mylar®/polyester. Drake also offers narrow format, Full Color Low Volume digital printing.


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Flexographic Printing

Our Flexographic presses are capable of producing high volume high quality impressions on many different substrates and is the least expensive of the printing processes. Generally speaking, when the requirement calls for a prime label and volume is greater than 5,000, Flexo is the best option.  Drake also offers wide format Digital printing and narrow format, Full Color Low Volume Digital printing.


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Fast, cost-efficient Hot Stamp labels

Drake’s Hot Stamp (also known as Thermal Transfer) machines are equipped for small to high-volume production runs.  We specialize in the use of discrete colors as well as sequential serial numbers, barcodes and UID marking.  Drake offers multiple options for color matching, laminates and die cuts.  We maintain a library of more than 3,000 standard and custom dies that enable us to help you save on tooling costs.  Labels are delivered in rolls to your specification, including outwound or inwound, the number of labels per roll and the spacing between labels.


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UL® Solutions

We offer standard and rush production times on UL prototypes as well as low- and mid-volume orders.


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