Anodized Aluminum

Anodized aluminum is well-suited for permanent product marking in rugged and high use environments. Drake anodized aluminum product marking solutions are designed to endure the effects of sunlight, high temperatures, cleaning solvents, salt and abrasives. Drake anodized aluminum tags and labels are available in thickness from .003″ to .032″ and can be printed and die cut to customer design. Multiple color printing is available.  Attachment to the product can be adhesive or rivet. 

Use these general guidelines below to achieve the desired visual effect and durability for your label. 

Physical properties for anodized aluminum labels, plates & tags
Suitable for Compound Curved Surfaces No
Suitable for Flat and Curved Surfaces Flat Surfaces
High Temperature Resistance Yes
Dimensional Stability Yes
Water Resistance Excellent
UV Resistance Excellent
Chemical and Solvent Resistance** Excellent (see Metalphoto®)
Production information for anodized aluminum labels, plates & tags
Available thickness .003″ to .032″
Processes Screen printing
Die cut to customer design (waste material removed)
Printing colors White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black (other colors available)
Interior cutout size and shape Any
Exterior shape Any
Clear windows size and shape N/A
Stamp on surface Yes (.020 or above)
Serial and variable data** No (see Metalphoto®)
Barcodes** No (see Metalphoto®)
Meets military standards Mil-P-15024F & Mil-P-19834B, types I & II
UL PGDQ2 Component – marking and labeling systems file# (MH 14125 R)
Product attachment options for anodized aluminum labels, plates & tags
Rivet Yes (holes drilled)
Pressure sensitive Acrylic HSE (DI 907) 2 mil
Pressure sensitive Acrylic LSE (DI 908) 3.5 mil
Pressure sensitive acrylic HSE (DI 901) 5 mil
Other adhesives available

Proper adhesive should be chosen based on the specific application.
**For Barcode, Serial and Variable data and the highest chemical and solvent resistance needs we recommend the Metalphoto® process for photo sensitive anodized aluminum.

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