Tamper Evident/Tamper Resistant/Void Labels

CalibrationVoidTamper-Evident-Void-1Drake tamper evident/tamper resistant/void labels utilize polyester base material and are designed to protect product warranties as well as identify unauthorized access to equipment. Drake tamper evident/void labels offer durability against water, UV rays and chemicals/solvents and are UL® and CSA® rated. 

Physical properties for tamper evident/void labels
Suitable for Compound Curved Surfaces Yes
Suitable for Flat and Curved Surfaces Yes
High Temperature Resistance No
Dimensional Stability Good
Water Resistance Good
UV Resistance Yes (w/UV ink)
Chemical and Solvent Resistance Good
Abrasion Resistance No
Production information for tamper evident/void labels
Available thickness .002″
Processes Ink jet, digital printing
Die cut to customer design (waste material removed)
Printing colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, White, Blue, Brown, Black
PMS color matching available
Base material White, Silver
Exterior shape Any
Clear windows size and shape N/A
UL PGDQ2 Component-marketing and labeling systems file# (MH 14125 r)
CSA Canadian Standards Listed LR 32470
Available in rolls or sheets
Product attachment options for tamper evident/void labels
Permanent pressure sensitive .001″

Proper adhesive should be chosen based on the specific application. 

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