Stainless Steel

Strong, corrosion resistant, and heat resistant stainless steel applications by Drake are designed and manufactured to withstand exposure to chemicals, fuels, grime, and extreme weather while maintaining functionality and legibility of information.

A bonded ceramic overcoating is also available for stainless steel barcode tags, as seen to the right. Outdoor life for these ceramic coated stainless steel tags is estimated to be in excess of one hundred years. These tags make an excellent choice for off-shore oil platforms as they can resist temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and exposure to salt spray without corroding.

Drake stainless steel applications are available in a range of different gauges: 8 gauge to 26 gauge with special thicknesses available upon request. Available alloys are 304 and 316 for the most demanding of conditions.

Dataplates and tags can be manufactured with/without rivet holes for mechanical attachment, and with/without acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Serial and barcode variable data is easily supported as is human-readable text.

Drake stainless steel product marking solutions can be found in industries such as oil/gas, mining, military, oceanic/nautical, aerospace/NASA, avionics, manufacturing, and consumer electronics.

Common uses include:
• Schematic plates
• Product Dataplates
• Scales
• ID plates
• Asset tags
• Bar code tags
• Serial tags

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