Plates and Tags That Can Withstand Sulphuric Acid, Caustic Soda, and Rig Soap

Photosensitive Aluminum Tag Photosensitive Aluminum Tag with Rivet Holes

Labeling products like tags, plates, and decals used in the Oil, Gas, and Mining industries need to stand up to harsh chemicals, remain legible, and stay put.

Photosensitve Aluminum and Stainless Steel tags and plates can withstand exposure to bases and mineral acids like Caustic Soda and Sulphuric Acid.  Stainless Steel and Photosensitive Aluminum are also good choices for tags and plates that are used in conjunction with chemicals like Diesel Fuel/Petro Diesel, Emulsifiers, Detergents, and Grease Cutters.

Metalphoto®/Photosensitive Aluminum offers the advantages of light weight and permanet images.  Text and logos are burned into the aluminum rather than etched into or printed onto a surface like Stainless Steel. Tags and plates made from this material won’t be affected by harsh chemicals and extreme weather. They won’t fade or be damaged by scrapes or scratches.

Aluminum can also be coated with Teflon®.  This polymer protects the surface of the aluminum tag/plate providing fast and easy clean up in grimy ennvironments.

Stainless Steel is also a good choice for plates and tags used in Oil, Gas, and Mining environments.  Images and text can be screen printed into or etched onto a tag’s surface.  Stainless Steel tags may also be bonded with ceramic coating to withstand temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tags, plates, and decals can be affixed with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive or with rivets.  Heavy Stainless Steel tags and plates sometimes require both adhesive and rivets.

Stainless Steel - examples of durable stainless steel labels from Drake Labels Stainless Steel Plates and Tags - Etched and Screen Printed

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