Save Hundreds on Durable Label Orders


Custom Steel Rule Die Custom Steel Rule Die

For more than 40 years Drake Labels has been producing durable labeling products and aquiring thousands of dies that can be made available for your project at no additional charge and save hundreds of dollars off your order. Steel rule dies produce the closest tolerances and cleanest cuts on all kinds of label printing materials like aluminum, polycarbonate, mylar, and polyester.

Spacers, specialized adhesives, seals and gaskets are also cut with steel rule dies.

If you choose your label manufacturer carefully, you can keep costs down and still get that razor smooth cut you're looking for.

We can also produce your labels with a custom made steel rule die if your label/tag/overlay requires.

Steel rule dies produce labels that are delivered on sheets and/or individually; with adhesive, and without adhesive.

Drake Labels has been in the business of manufacturing durable and custom labels in the United States since the 1960s.  It is a veteran owned company and everything that Drake manufactures is made in the US. Drake uses high quality equipment, such as 100-ton clamshell presses that cut label material up to .020 mils thick.

For more information, including a list of more than 3000 dies available at no additional charge, follow this link to Drake’s RFQ form or call 800.531.5073.

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