Report from the Offshore Technology Conference, Houston May 2013

The Offshore Technology Conference began in Houston Monday May 6 at 8AM and will end on Thursday May 9 around 5 PM.  Tim Moore, Drake Labels CEO will be in attendance until Weds, May 8th.  He's observed that "there are tens of thousands of people here from countries all over the world.  During the half-hour bus ride from the show location to the hotel I must have heard six different languages being spoken by people from China, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, Germany, and one or two other places I’m not sure of.  The show location is immense…I would judge it to be almost 100 acres in size.  There are over a thousand booths of varying sizes as well.  It is an intimidating experience for most people the first time."

Tim also added that the Drake Labels booth is outside the stadium, under a tent positioned near a major walk-way (in the 700 aisle, booth 731, near the OTC Pavillion).  "There is a lot of traffic that passes us by and Liz and Cate are doing a great job of explaining who we are and what we do to anyone who asks.  We are making dozens of valuable connections and will have much to follow up on at the end of the show.  We are also walking the floor being proactive in telling the Drake story."

Drake will be focusing our efforts on several product lines during this year's show:  Metalphoto®/Photosensitive Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Graphic Panel OverlaysYou can view a short video about these products on our site,  Drake Labels manufactuires and sells durable labeling products to a wide variety of industries including Oil & Gas.  Our location in Austin Texas makes us a natural fit for the Houston market.  Our 40+ years of experience provides us with the necessary skills to excel in making durable custom labeling products QUICKLY and ACCURATELY.

2013 marks the 44th annual OTC flagship conference.  Attendees have been meeting at Offshore Technology Conferences since 1969 to discuss scientific and technical advancements and issues that relate to offshore oil and gas explorations issues in North America, Europe, Africa, Austrailia, China and elsewhere.  Reliant Stadium is located at 1 Reliant Park, Houston, TX 77054.  View a parking map here  - we hope to see you at the show!  CAll us at 800-531.5031, 0 and we can connect you to our team at the show.

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