Polyester Thermal Transfer Labels

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Polyester, Black and Gold Branding label Black and Gold Polyester Hot Stamp Branding label

Mylar®/polyester Thermal Transfer (or “Hot Stamp”) labels are designed to maintain their appearance, legibility, and functionality of information through a variety of conditions.  Polyester is a durable label substrate manufactured from crude oil byproducts.  Polyester/Mylar® consistently retains a professional glossy or matte appearance in harsh environments including

  • Heat,
  • Sunlight,
  • Constant moisture/humidity,
  • Pressure impacts and/or
  • UV exposure.

You have probably seen polyester labels of this type used as branding labels, asset tags/labels, or identification decals.

Polyester labels/decals/stickers are available in thicknesses of .002″ to .010″ and can be printed and die cut to customer design, including PMS matching.

Variable data such as serial and barcode information is easily supported, as are ‘write-on’ surface options.  Mylar®/polyester product marking solutions can be found in industries like aerospace, defense/military, consumer electronics, oil & gas, and many others.

Black and Gold Polyester Hot Stamp Label Black and Gold Polyester Hot Stamp label

Research the physical properties of polyester here to see if your application requires or could benefit from a polyester substrate.  Adhesive is permanent pressure sensitive acrylic.  Labels are provided on rolls.

Black and Gold on Clear Polyester Label Black and Gold on Clear Polyester label

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