Polycarbonate Machine Tags

Polycarbonate  is widely used for product marking applications on control panels, nameplates, overlays, membrane switches, serial tags and prototypes.  It maintains its appearance in normal and rugged settings (like industrial environments) when exposed to harsh chemicals and extreme weather.  (Polycarbonate is sometimes known by brand name Lexan®.)

Pictured below are two die cut, Polycarbonate instructional tags.  This thickness (5 mil) allows for the tag to be bent at mid-section and the larger part of the tag is fed through the slit in the smaller section.  Because of this, there is no need for adhesive.

Yellow Polycarbonate Tag with Bi-Lingual Text Polycarbonate Yellow Tag with Bi-Lingual Text

Drake Industries' Lexan® applications are available in thicknesses of .005″ to .030″.  Polycarbonate maintains its appearance, longevity, legibility and functionality of information under tough conditions.  It can be printed on and die cut to customer design, including PMS color matching.

We are interested in your product labeling and identification needs - Contact us to discuss your project 800.531.5073 or  Small quantities and prototypes are welcome.

Polycarbonate Label with Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Polycarbonate Label with Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive


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