Plastic Case Branding Label (Pelican)

Brand your company's watertight protector cases with durable re-branding labels and overlays. Drake’s plastic case re-branding labels are manufactured with durable polycarbonate/Lexan® or aluminum to maintain the appearance of logos and information in normal and extreme environments.   A range of thicknesses and gloss levels are available.

Plastic Case Rebranding Label Plastic Case Rebranding Label

These labels can be digitally printed, silk screened, or manufactured with photosensitive aluminum and will stand up to wear and exposure to chemicals, oil, dirt and grime.

Contact Drake for a free quote for your next re-branding project.  Small runs can be completed as well as one-offs.  1.800.531.5073

Polycarbonate Branding Label for Plastic Pelican Case Polycarbonate Branding Label for Plastic Pelican Case


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