Durability for Your Brand

Your product has been tested and is ready for the launch.  Your logo has been crafted with the utmost care.  Ensure that your branding efforts stand the tests of time and usage with durable branding materials.

Polycarbonate is a popular choice for for graphic overlays, control panels, nameplates, membrane switches, serial tags, and prototypes.  It maintains its appearance in normal and rugged settings (like industrial environments) when exposed to harsh chemicals and extreme weather.  (Polycarbonate is also known by brand name Lexan®.)  Labels, tags, and overlays are available by the sheet.


Seamless Color Matching with Polycarbonate Seamless Color Matching with Polycarbonate


Polyester (brand name Mylar®) is also an incredibly durable material for branding. Metallic and “flat” colors are both effective when used on polyester. Typically a polyester label will have a clear or matte polyester overlay over the graphics to enhance the durability of the label or decal.  Drake polyester labels offer durability against water, UV rays, and chemicals/solvents.  Labels and decals are available by the roll with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive.

Sample image of Drake Labels Polyester Branding Label with Metallic Red


When affixed properly, metal can be one of the most durable materials to use for logo and branding decals and tags.  The .062 brass alloy branding plate below is 2″ x  3.5″.  The brass is pre-masked and black graphics are screened on.  The parts were made without adhesive – the plates will be placed into a oval inlay on a wooden pool table.

.062 Brass Alloy Branding Plate, Black Screen Graphics .062 Brass Alloy Branding Plate, Black Screen Graphics


Build your credibility and your brand with strong graphics and tough materials.   Contact us to discuss your project 800.531.5073 x1170 or  Small quantities and prototypes are welcome.



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