Domed Branding Labels and Stickers


Domed Branding Label Domed Branding Label


Add a third dimension to your logo with a clear, flexible layer of urethane that is rustproof, waterproof; and scratch, fade, germ, salt, acid, oil and chemical resistant.

This optically clear urethane will never yellow and is extra durable.

Domed branding labels are incredibly versatile and durable and they can be used in a variety of environments.  Typically they are manufactured from polyester or vinyl and an industrial strength adhesive is used.

These labels and stickers can be used on flat and compound surfaces.  They have excellent UV Resistance which means that they can withstand direct sun and heat in an outside environment.  They have good water resistance as well.

Domed Branding Label- Cut out style Domed Branding Label- Cut out style

Domed branding labels be produced very quickly and inexpensively in small and large quantities.  They are available on sheets.

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