Congratulations Fire-fx

Congratulations to our friends at Fire-fx!  Fire-fx recenly showed at  CEDIA** 2013 and made quite an impact with attendees with their CINEMA FX feature and FIRELINK auto configuration.

Fire-fx is a high performance home theatre media player and media server system manufacturer in Round Rock, Texas.  Fire-fx focuses on bringing proven technologies together that provide  a high performance  home theatre experience with an affordable price tag.  Fire-fx combines award winning software , state of the art PC components, and the power of cloud computing bringing the true cinema multiplex experience to your living room or home theatre at an affordable cost.

Oval Branding, Logo Badges Oval Branding, Logo Badges

On October 15th, 2013 Fire-fx signed a Manufacturers Representative agreement with Paradigm Systems, Inc which will allow Paradigm to sell the multimedia servers and strage products.  Paridigm Systems is located in Denver, CO.

Drake has been manufacturing their domed branding badges since 2013.  We wish Fire-FX and Paradigm Systems many happy years and transactions together as they both grow and continue to provide state of the art home theatre experiences to customers around the world.

(**Custom Electronic Design and  Imstallation Association)


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