Brass Branding Plate

.062 Brass Alloy Branding Plate, Black Screen Graphics .062 Brass Alloy Branding Plate, Black Screen Graphics

This .062 brass alloy branding plate is 2" x  3.5".  The brass is pre-masked and black graphics are screened on.  The parts were made without adhesive - they will be placed into a oval inlay on a wooden pool table.

Build your credibility and your brand with strong graphics and tough materials.  Customers are loyal to brands, make sure your branding can stand the test of time.

Drake Industries can  provide a turnkey solution to your durable branding needs.  Small, custom runs are a part of what make Drake special among label and plate manufacturers.

We're interested in hearing about your project.  New orders ship 10 days after approval. OR 800.531.5073



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