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Tamper Resistant/Void Labels

Drake Tamper Evident, Tamper Resistant, and Void labels utilize paper and polyester base material and are designed to protect product warranties as well as identify unauthorized access to equipment. Drake void labels offer durability against water, UV rays and chemicals/solvents and are UL® and CSA® rated. Drake tamper evident and void labels are available in a thickness of .002″ to enable application flexibility over seams and corners and can be found in industries such as aerospace/NASA, avionics, consumer electronics, government, industrial/manufacturing, military, oceanic/nautical and oil/gas.

Tamper Resistant/Void applications:

Tamper Resistant/Void material options:

Order options for Tamper Resistant/Void labels:

  • Prototypes
  • Low-volume
  • Mid-volume
  • Custom Shapes
  • Custom Sizes