Custom, Durable Equipment Calibration Labels and Marking Plates, MetalPhoto®, Annodized Aluminum, Lexan®/Polycarbonate, Mylar®/Polyester from Drake Labels

Calibration Tags/Labels

Drake calibration tags and labels are used in a variety of environments including aerospace, avionics, military, industrial/manufacturing, scientific/oceanic, and oil/gas. We offer seal-able tags, and ‘write-on’ labels for recording operational data about mechanical and electronic equipment. We offer standard and rush production times on prototypes as well as low- and mid-volume orders. Materials are RoHS compliant.

Calibration tag & label applications:

Calibration tag & label material options:

Order options for calibration tags & labels:

  • Prototypes
  • Low-volume
  • Mid-volume
  • Custom Shapes
  • Custom Sizes