Custom, Durable Product Lable with Vinyl from Drake Labels


Vinyl labels from Drake provide good longevity in appearance and function and are most commonly used for indoor applications, product branding, instructional labels and warning labels.  Their water resistance makes them ideal for moisture rich and wet environments as well as environments that are exposed to large amounts of sunlight.  Drake vinyl label applications are available in thicknesses of .005″ to .030″ and .010″ to .060″ and can be printed and die cut to customer design, including PMS matching. Drake vinyl marking solutions can be found in industries such as aerospace/NASA, avionics, consumer electronics, government, industrial/manufacturing, military, oceanic/nautical and oil/gas.

Common uses include:Custom, Durable Vinyl Waterproof Label MD Totco from Drake Labels

Use these general guidelines below to achieve the desired visual effect and durability for your label. Contact Drake for detailed specifications.

Physical properties for vinyl labels
Suitable for Compound Curved Surfaces Yes
Suitable for Flat and Curved Surfaces Yes
High Temperature Resistance No
Dimensional Stability No
Water Resistance Yes
UV Resistance (3-5 year life) Yes
Chemical and Solvent Resistance No
Abrasion Resistance No
Production information for vinyl labels
Available thickness .002″-.010″
Processes Ink jet, digital printing
Die cut to customer design (waste material removed)
Printing colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, White, Blue, Brown, Black
PMS color matching available
Interior cutout size and shape N/A
Exterior shape Any
Clear windows size and shape N/A
Write on surface Yes
Available in rolls

Proper adhesive should be chosen based on the specific application. Contact Drake for more information and recommendations.