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UL® Stainless Steel Dataplates

December 13th, 2013 by
Stainless Steel Dataplate with UL mark

Stainless Steel Dataplate with UL mark

Stainless Steel Dataplates need to be strong, corrosion resistant, and heat resistant. Drake manufactures stainless steel dataplates and is also certified to print the UL® mark on stainless steel upon request. Drake Industries manufactures stainless steel dataplates which are able to withstand exposure to extreme weather, chemicals, grime, and fuels while remaining legible and functional.

Drake’s stainless steel applications are available in a range of different gauges: 8 gauge to 26 gauge – special thicknesses are available upon request. Drake Industries produces stainless steel dataplates with 304 and 316 alloys for the most demanding of conditions.

Contact Drake Industries for your next Stainless Steel UL® Dataplate.  We look forward to speaking with you about your project.  800.531.5073  quotes@drake.com

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