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UL Labels – Regulatory Label

August 1st, 2013 by
Polyester Regulatory label - UL RoHS UL CE logos per PGAA.MH14125

Polyester Regulatory label – UL RoHS UL CE logos per PGAA.MH14125

Be confident that your label manufacturer is certified by UL to manufacture what you need.  Use UL’s Online Certifications Directory to research your label manufacturer’s qualifications.

PGAA.MH14125 Allows label manufacturers to PRINT the UL BUG (logo) and,

PGDQ2.MH14125 Allows LABEL MANUFACTURE as approved by UL testing.

Certificates of Compliance should accompany labels produced with the PGDQ2.MH14125 designation.

Contact the UL experts at Drake Industries who can advise which materials are suited to your company’s uses.  Drake specializes in low quantities and quick turns.

Free quotes are provided in 24 hours –  Email us: quotes (at) drake.com or call eight hundred 531.5073.

We look forward to hearing about your project.

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