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Stainless Steel Membrane Switches

January 16th, 2014 by
Stainless Steel Membrane Switch for use in the harshest conditions.

Stainless Steel Membrane Switch for use in the harshest conditions.

Benefits of Drake Membrane Switches

•Easy to Clean • Environmentally Sealed (protected circuitry)  • Chemical and Abrasion Resistant  • Excellent solution for HMI requirements (Human Machine Interface)

Applications for Membrane Switches

• Fuel Pumps  • Exercise Equipment  • Medical Equipment  • Oil, Gas, and Mining Equipment  • Remote Controls  • Industrial Applications

This touch sensitive membrane switch activates & deactivates circuits.  The most commonly specified overlay materials are polyester and polycarbonate.  The switch pictured above is manufactured from stainless steel for use under the harshest of conditions. Custom Orders of small and large quantities are accepted.

Speak with our engineers to determine the materials that your membrane switch should be made of.  Contact us today at 800.531.5073 or quotes@drake.com



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