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Serial Data and Barcode Labels

February 14th, 2013 by
Polyester 2D Matrix Barcode Drake Labels  (138 x 101) barcode (169 x 70) 2D Barcode Polyester Label (160 x 98)

Serial data and barcode labels provide warranty, identification, and regulatory information for manufacturers of consumer and industrial products and equipment.

Typical materials include aluminum, paper, polyester (Mylar®), and polycarbonate (Lexan®). Aluminum, polycarbonate, and polyester labels are particularly useful in harsh environments where items are exposed to chemicals, heavy use, and harsh weather conditions.

Serial data and barcode labels are available on sheets or rolls. Choose from many types of barcode labels based on your needs: Two dimensional (or “2D”); “Linear” barcode (“1D”); Plessy; Codabar; etc.

Data and barcode labels can be provided in small quantities and in rolls or sheets.


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