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Labels on Rolls – Outwound Inwound

April 16th, 2013 by
Diagram of Label Position on Roll - Inwound / Outwound Diagram

Diagram of Label Position on Roll – Inwound / Outwound Diagram

The language of labels can be confusing.  Is it a “label”?  A “sticker”, “decal”?  To add more confusion , how do you describe which way a label sits on a roll?  Use this chart to determine the direction of your label as the roll UNwinds.


When ordering labels on rolls it is important to know whether the labels will be applied by hand or by machine as well as the position of the label on the roll


For example, Outwound Position No. 3: On the OUTSIDE of the roll, the RIGHT side of the label comes off of the roll first.


Inwound Position No. 5:  On the INSIDE of the roll, the TOP of the label comes off first.



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