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Drake Durable Label Capabilities

December 31st, 2013 by


Stainless Steel Plates withstand harsh conditions in the oil and gas fields.

Stainless Steel Plates withstand harsh conditions in the oil and gas fields.

Metalphoto® is the process of choice used around the world for label and name plates that must stand up to harsh weather and exposure to chemicals. Metalphoto® products are most likely used outdoors in heavy industrial environments like oil & gas exploration.

Strong, corrosion resistant, and heat resistant stainless steel applications by Drake are designed and manufactured to withstand exposure to chemicals, fuels, grime, and extreme weather while maintaining functionality and legibility of information. Stainless steel applications are typically outdoors and used in heavy industry.

Anodized aluminum is well-suited for labels and name plates that are used in rugged environments. Drake anodized aluminum product marking solutions are designed to endure the effects of sunlight, high temperatures, cleaning solvents, salt, and abrasives. Drake anodized aluminum tags and labels are available in thickness from .003″ to .032″ and can be printed and die cut to customer design. Typically used outdoors.

Lexan®/polycarbonate material is known for its durability and professional appearance. Drake Lexan® applications are available in thicknesses of .005″ to .030″ and can be printed and die cut to customer design, including PMS color matching. Lexan®/polycarbonate material is typically used indoors for product marking and branding purposes.

Mylar®/polyester labels maintain a professional glossy or matte appearance in harsh environments including heat, sunlight, constant moisture/humidity, impacts and/or UV exposure. Mylar®/polyester labels are most commonly used for product marking applications on computers, consumer electronics. Mylar®/polyester labels are effective both indoors and outdoors.

Drake Industries has you covered whether your label needs to withstand harsh weather and exposure to chemicals or simple day to day use. We are a custom shop that specializes in low volume orders and prototypes.  Call us to discuss your project today 800.531.5073 or email us at quotes@drake.com.

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