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Chemically Resistant Labels

June 19th, 2013 by


Metalphoto Caution Gold Yellow label

Metalphoto® Data Tag manufactured with satin, Sunfast Gold material.

Do you have a need for labels and name plates that must maintain their appearance and legibility when exposed to harsh chemicals or in extreme weather?  Photosensitive Aluminum, also known as Metalphoto®, delivers durability and functionality under the most demanding conditions.  Not only is Photosensitive Aluminum incredibly durable, it is also very lightweight which adds to this material’s appeal.

Metalphoto® labels and nameplates are die cut to your specifications and are available in thicknesses of .003″ to .063″.  State of the art lasers are used to cut the material as well as traditional 100 ton clamshell die presses.

Colors and finishes include: satin Sunfast Gold and natural brushed aluminum in any of the following colors: Blue, Brown, Magenta, Purple, Red, and Yellow.

Metalphoto® product marking solutions manufactured by Drake can be found in industries such as, oil/gas, avionics, aerospace/NASA, industrial/manufacturing, consumer electronics, military, oceanic/nautical, and government. Photosensitive aluminum labels can withstand harsh chemicals like diesel fuel, sulphuric acid and emulsifiers.

Contact us for quotes or information about Metalphoto® product marking solutions.  We look forward to hearing about your project.  Email us quotes at drake.com or eight hundred 531.5073.

Aluminum MetalPhoto Sensor Assembly

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