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Durability for Your Brand

October 14th, 2015 by

Your product has been tested and is ready for the launch.  Your logo has been crafted with the utmost care.  Ensure that your branding efforts stand the tests of time and usage with durable branding materials.

Polycarbonate is a popular choice for for graphic overlays, control panels, nameplates, membrane switches, serial tags, and prototypes.  It maintains its appearance in normal and rugged settings (like industrial environments) when exposed to harsh chemicals and extreme weather.  (Polycarbonate is also known by brand name Lexan®.)  Labels, tags, and overlays are available by the sheet.


Seamless Color Matching with Polycarbonate

Seamless Color Matching with Polycarbonate


Polyester (brand name Mylar®) is also an incredibly durable material for branding. Metallic and “flat” colors are both effective when used on polyester. Typically a polyester label will have a clear or matte polyester overlay over the graphics to enhance the durability of the label or decal.  Drake polyester labels offer durability against water, UV rays, and chemicals/solvents.  Labels and decals are available by the roll with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive.

Sample image of Drake Labels

Polyester Branding Label with Metallic Red


When affixed properly, metal can be one of the most durable materials to use for logo and branding decals and tags.  The .062 brass alloy branding plate below is 2″ x  3.5″.  The brass is pre-masked and black graphics are screened on.  The parts were made without adhesive – the plates will be placed into a oval inlay on a wooden pool table.

.062 Brass Alloy Branding Plate, Black Screen Graphics

.062 Brass Alloy Branding Plate, Black Screen Graphics


Build your credibility and your brand with strong graphics and tough materials.   Contact us to discuss your project 800.531.5073 x1170 or quotes@drake.com.  Small quantities and prototypes are welcome.



Polyester Thermal Transfer Labels

July 2nd, 2015 by
Polyester, Black and Gold Branding label

Black and Gold Polyester Hot Stamp Branding label

Mylar®/polyester Thermal Transfer (or “Hot Stamp”) labels are designed to maintain their appearance, legibility, and functionality of information through a variety of conditions.  Polyester is a durable label substrate manufactured from crude oil byproducts.  Polyester/Mylar® consistently retains a professional glossy or matte appearance in harsh environments including

  • Heat,
  • Sunlight,
  • Constant moisture/humidity,
  • Pressure impacts and/or
  • UV exposure.

You have probably seen polyester labels of this type used as branding labels, asset tags/labels, or identification decals.

Polyester labels/decals/stickers are available in thicknesses of .002″ to .010″ and can be printed and die cut to customer design, including PMS matching.

Variable data such as serial and barcode information is easily supported, as are ‘write-on’ surface options.  Mylar®/polyester product marking solutions can be found in industries like aerospace, defense/military, consumer electronics, oil & gas, and many others.

Black and Gold Polyester Hot Stamp Label

Black and Gold Polyester Hot Stamp label

Research the physical properties of polyester here to see if your application requires or could benefit from a polyester substrate.  Adhesive is permanent pressure sensitive acrylic.  Labels are provided on rolls.

Black and Gold on Clear Polyester Label

Black and Gold on Clear Polyester label

Contact the experts at Drake Industries for a free quote or to discuss the specific needs of your project.  Small quantities, large orders, prototypes, and blanket POs are accomodated.

Quotes@drake.com 800.531.5073x 0

Tamper Resistant, VOID, & Tamper Evident Labels

March 23rd, 2015 by
Polyester Tamper Resistant VOID Label

Polyester Tamper Resistant VOID Label

Tamper Evident labels utilize paper and/or aluminum while Tamper Resistant and Void labels utilize polyester base material.

Void and Tamper Resistant labels manufactured by Drake Industries are available in a thickness of .002″ to enable application flexibility over seams and corners and can be found in industries such as oil/gas, aerospace/NASA, avionics,  government, industrial/manufacturing, military, oceanic/nautical and consumer electronics.

Tamper Evident, Tamper Resistant, and Void labels utilize paper and polyester base material (also known as Mylar) and are designed to protect product warranties as well as identify unauthorized access to equipment. Drake void labels offer durability against water, UV rays and chemicals/solvents and are UL® and CSA® rated.  These labels are available by the roll, adhesive is pressure sensitive.

Unsure of which to use?  Contact us at 800.531.5073 OR quotes@drake.com

Drake Industries can accommodate small or large custom turn key orders.

Polyester Warranty Void Labels

Polyester Warranty Void Labels

Regulatory Labels and Plates

June 30th, 2014 by

Regulatory labels and plates come in many sizes and materials.  Drake Industries manufactures UL, CE, and RoHS labels, plates, stickers, and tags.

Drake’s UL certifications include


Polyester Regulatory Label

Polyester Regulatory Label


 CE Polycarbonate Regulatory label

CE Polycarbonate Regulatory label


Stainless Steel UL Plate

Stainless Steel UL Plate


Contact Drake for your next regulatory label, sticker, or plate project.  Free samples and quotes are always available.  800.531.5073 OR quotes@drake.com



Plastic Case Branding Label (Pelican)

June 6th, 2014 by

Brand your company’s watertight protector cases with durable re-branding labels and overlays. Drake’s plastic case re-branding labels are manufactured with durable polycarbonate/Lexan® or aluminum to maintain the appearance of logos and information in normal and extreme environments.   A range of thicknesses and gloss levels are available.

Plastic Case Rebranding Label

Plastic Case Rebranding Label

These labels can be digitally printed, silk screened, or manufactured with photosensitive aluminum and will stand up to wear and exposure to chemicals, oil, dirt and grime.

Contact Drake for a free quote for your next re-branding project.  Small runs can be completed as well as one-offs.  1.800.531.5073  quotes@drake.com

Polycarbonate Branding Label for Plastic Pelican Case

Polycarbonate Branding Label for Plastic Pelican Case


Vinyl Instruction Label Set

May 12th, 2014 by

Custom, durable label set for industrial equipment.  This 3 label set  is comprised of Operating Instructions and a Caution label.  Drake Industries’ labels are available in small quantities.  This label set is digitally printed and provided in sheets.

Vinyl labels are compatible with indoor and outdoor use.

Vinyl labels are compatible with indoor and outdoor use.

Vinyl labels provide good longevity in appearance and function and are most commonly used for indoor applications, product branding, instructional labels and warning labels.  Vinyl labels are also water resistant which  makes them ideal for moisture rich and wet environments as well as environments that are exposed to large amounts of sunlight.

Contact Drake at 800.531.5073 or quotes@drake.com to discuss your next project requiring labels.

Hot Stamp Thermal Labels

May 7th, 2014 by
Polyester Asset Tag with Linear Barcode

Polyester Asset Tag with Linear Barcode

Controlled heat and pressure are used in the Hot Stamp or Thermal Transfer process.  Metallic foils or color are imprinted onto vinyl or Mylar®/polyester.  Polycarbonate or Lexan® can be used as an over-laminate to make a more durable and/or thicker label or decal.

Hot Stamp labels are suitable for branding labels, asset tags, serial labels, tamper evident and barcode labels.  They are durable, chemical resistant, and economical.  These labels are suitable for Flat, Compound and Curved Surfaces.  They are available by the roll and use pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive.

Contact Drake if you have questions about Hot Stamp or Thermal Transfer labels or if you would like some samples.  Samples will be available at our booth for the 2014 Offshore Technology Conference at Reliant Park in Houston May 5-8. Drake Industries will be in booth 6224.

We can bring specific samples of our work for you to the show. We can also be reached at 512.251.2231 or quotes@drake.com.

Polyester Warning Label

Polyester Warning Label

Polyester Computer Printable

Polyester Computer Printable


Variable Data and 2D Matrix Labels

March 24th, 2014 by
Barcode plate in Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel

Barcode plate in Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel

Barcode, serial labels, and 2D Matrix labels and stickers provide warranty, identification, and regulatory information.  Typical materials include aluminum, paper, polyester (Mylar®), and polycarbonate (Lexan®).  Stainless steel can also be used for variable data applications for the harshest of conditions.

Serial data and barcode labels are available on sheets, rolls, or idividually . Choose from many types of variable data barcode labels based on your needs: Two dimensional (or “2D”); “Linear” barcode (“1D”); Plessy; Codabar; etc. Data and barcode labels can be provided in small quantities.

Aluminum and Stainless steel tags and plates are particularly useful in harsh environments where items are exposed to harsh weather conditions, heavy use, and chemical exposure.  Paper, polycarbonate, and polyester labels are best used for indoor applications or mild outdoor exposure.

Contact Drake to discuss your serial/barcode label needs or to discuss which materials may be the best choice for your project.  800.531.5073 or Quotes@drake.com.

Alum Tag Teflon Bar code Rivet Drake Labels

UL® Labels for Industry

March 12th, 2014 by

Creation of custom, durable UL® labels is fast, easy, and cost effective with our standard and rush production times on prototypes as well as low- and mid-volume orders.

Drake Industries specializes in UL® labels for heavy industry, the offshore technology industry, and consumer electronics.  Drake Industries is the sole UL® approved label/marking system manufacturer in central Texas.
UL® regulatory labels, tags, plates, and stickers can be manufactured from stainless steel, aluminum, polyester/Mylar, and polycarbonate/Lexan.  Labels and stickers can be provided on rolls or in sheets.

Certificates of Conformance are provided upon request.

Contact us today for a consultation for your UL® labels quotes@drake.com or 800.531.5073

Custom Caution Labels

March 10th, 2014 by

Vinyl, Polyester, Polypropolene, all can be used to manufacture custom, durable Caution and Warning labels.

Custom Caution label manufactured from vinyl.

Custom Caution label manufactured from vinyl.

Caution and Warning labels can be custom manufactured to withstand dirt, grime, and exposure to the harshest of weather.  Vinyl labels are used across many industries: trucking, manufacturing, industrial, oil and gas, and aeronautics.

PMS color matching is available or the simple, generic “Caution Yellow” can be used.

Custom labels can be order in small quantities, and on rolls or on sheets.  Contact us to tell us what your custom caution label needs to say.  800.531.5073 or quotes@drake.com