Examples of the many custom-design, durable labels available from Drake.

Custom Label Tips

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Variable Data and 2D Matrix Labels

March 24th, 2014 by
Barcode plate in Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel

Barcode plate in Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel

Barcode, serial labels, and 2D Matrix labels and stickers provide warranty, identification, and regulatory information.  Typical materials include aluminum, paper, polyester (Mylar®), and polycarbonate (Lexan®).  Stainless steel can also be used for variable data applications for the harshest of conditions.

Serial data and barcode labels are available on sheets, rolls, or idividually . Choose from many types of variable data barcode labels based on your needs: Two dimensional (or “2D”); “Linear” barcode (“1D”); Plessy; Codabar; etc. Data and barcode labels can be provided in small quantities.

Aluminum and Stainless steel tags and plates are particularly useful in harsh environments where items are exposed to harsh weather conditions, heavy use, and chemical exposure.  Paper, polycarbonate, and polyester labels are best used for indoor applications or mild outdoor exposure.

Contact Drake to discuss your serial/barcode label needs or to discuss which materials may be the best choice for your project.  800.531.5073 or Quotes@drake.com.

Alum Tag Teflon Bar code Rivet Drake Labels

UL® Labels for Industry

March 12th, 2014 by

Creation of custom, durable UL® labels is fast, easy, and cost effective with our standard and rush production times on prototypes as well as low- and mid-volume orders.

Drake Industries specializes in UL® labels for heavy industry, the offshore technology industry, and consumer electronics.  Drake Industries is the sole UL® approved label/marking system manufacturer in central Texas.
UL® regulatory labels, tags, plates, and stickers can be manufactured from stainless steel, aluminum, polyester/Mylar, and polycarbonate/Lexan.  Labels and stickers can be provided on rolls or in sheets.

Certificates of Conformance are provided upon request.

Contact us today for a consultation for your UL® labels quotes@drake.com or 800.531.5073

Custom Caution Labels

March 10th, 2014 by

Vinyl, Polyester, Polypropolene, all can be used to manufacture custom, durable Caution and Warning labels.

Custom Caution label manufactured from vinyl.

Custom Caution label manufactured from vinyl.

Caution and Warning labels can be custom manufactured to withstand dirt, grime, and exposure to the harshest of weather.  Vinyl labels are used across many industries: trucking, manufacturing, industrial, oil and gas, and aeronautics.

PMS color matching is available or the simple, generic “Caution Yellow” can be used.

Custom labels can be order in small quantities, and on rolls or on sheets.  Contact us to tell us what your custom caution label needs to say.  800.531.5073 or quotes@drake.com

Vinyl Instruction Labels

March 6th, 2014 by

Pressure sensitive vinyl labels can be used for a variety of functions in the industrial marketplace.  Pictured below is a digitally printed instruction label for indoor use.

Digitally printed instruction label manufactured from vinyl.

Digitally printed instruction label manufactured from vinyl.

Drake instruction/photo tags and labels can be manufactured in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, materials and colors.  Labels and tags are ideal for environments that require rapid identification and instruction.  Custom assembly – tag/label to product-is available.

Drake offers customers the advantage of full color prime and durable labels in small and mid quantities via narrow format digital printing. Narrow format digital printing with EcoSolvent ink delivers high quality, yet cost-efficient full color and black and white labels.  Custom shapes and sizes as well as complex patterns are supported without the costs associated with expensive dies or plates.

We’re interested in hearing about your project whether you require a material consultation or you are ready to order.  Contact us at 800.531.5073 or quotes@drake.com

Polycarbonate Graphic Overlays

March 3rd, 2014 by

Drake Industries specializes in producing a wide variety of durable labels, plates and tags for electronic and mechanical products.
Pictured below is a graphic overlay for an instrumentation panel.  This part is manufactured with 20 mil. polycarbonate and a permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.

Polycarbonate Overlay manufactured with 20 mil. polycarbonate and a permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.

Polycarbonate Overlay manufactured with 20 mil. polycarbonate and a permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.

Polycarbonate is a material that is known for maintaining its appearance in normal and rugged settings like industrial environments when exposed to harsh chemicals.  It is widely used for product marking applications on control panels, nameplates, overlays, membrane switches, serial tags and prototypes.
Polycarbonate/Lexan® labels from Drake are designed to maintain appearance, longevity, legibility and functionality of information under tough conditions. Drake Lexan® applications are available in thicknesses of .005″ to .030″ and can be printed and die cut to customer design, including PMS color matching.
Customers turn to Drake because we provide a high level of design and production flexibility, including custom dies and materials.  We are interested in your product labeling and identification needs, contact us today to discuss your project 800.531.5073 or quotes@drake.com.  Small quantities and prototypes are welcome.