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Durable & Custom Drake Labels

December 31st, 2013 by
Full Color, Low Volume paper wind labels.

Full Color, Low Volume paper wind labels.

Drake Industries offers customers the advantage of full color prime and durable labels in small and mid-quantities via narrow format digital printing. Narrow format digital printing with EcoSolvent ink delivers high quality, yet cost-efficient full color labels for orders that are too small for traditional flexographic or high-volume digital printing.

Drake’s large format digital printing equipment is ideal for full color large format durable signs and instrumentation overlays up to 60″ wide. Our process enables us to use solvent inks that resist harsh environments, chemicals and heavy use. Printing is available on multiple materials and overlays including Lexan®/polycarbonate and Mylar®/polyester.

Precision cutting of labels, where size or cost is prohibitive with traditional die cutting, is supported with Drake’s digital cutting equipment. Complex shapes, curves and details can be cut quickly and easily, leaving smooth, accurate edges.  Printing is available on multiple materials and overlays including Lexan®/polycarbonate and Mylar®/polyester.  Laser cutting is also an option on certain materials.

Traditional die cutting is also available.  Custom dies can be ordered or thousands of dies in our die library are also available which will cut costs on your project.  Stainless Steel and aluminum are typically cut with a traditional clamshell die press.

Our sales team is available to discuss options for your durable, custom options.  Low volume and prototype orders accepted.  Call us today 800.531.5073 or email the team at quotes@drake.com.

Drake Durable Label Capabilities

December 31st, 2013 by


Stainless Steel Plates withstand harsh conditions in the oil and gas fields.

Stainless Steel Plates withstand harsh conditions in the oil and gas fields.

Metalphoto® is the process of choice used around the world for label and name plates that must stand up to harsh weather and exposure to chemicals. Metalphoto® products are most likely used outdoors in heavy industrial environments like oil & gas exploration.

Strong, corrosion resistant, and heat resistant stainless steel applications by Drake are designed and manufactured to withstand exposure to chemicals, fuels, grime, and extreme weather while maintaining functionality and legibility of information. Stainless steel applications are typically outdoors and used in heavy industry.

Anodized aluminum is well-suited for labels and name plates that are used in rugged environments. Drake anodized aluminum product marking solutions are designed to endure the effects of sunlight, high temperatures, cleaning solvents, salt, and abrasives. Drake anodized aluminum tags and labels are available in thickness from .003″ to .032″ and can be printed and die cut to customer design. Typically used outdoors.

Lexan®/polycarbonate material is known for its durability and professional appearance. Drake Lexan® applications are available in thicknesses of .005″ to .030″ and can be printed and die cut to customer design, including PMS color matching. Lexan®/polycarbonate material is typically used indoors for product marking and branding purposes.

Mylar®/polyester labels maintain a professional glossy or matte appearance in harsh environments including heat, sunlight, constant moisture/humidity, impacts and/or UV exposure. Mylar®/polyester labels are most commonly used for product marking applications on computers, consumer electronics. Mylar®/polyester labels are effective both indoors and outdoors.

Drake Industries has you covered whether your label needs to withstand harsh weather and exposure to chemicals or simple day to day use. We are a custom shop that specializes in low volume orders and prototypes.  Call us to discuss your project today 800.531.5073 or email us at quotes@drake.com.

Oil and Gas, Aluminum and Stainless Steel

December 19th, 2013 by

Color Stainless Steel Tag with Rivet Holes

Shown above, Stainless Steel Tag with Rivet Holes.  This tag displays serial number and voltage information, the company name and logo are in color.  This process is called an Epoxy Fill for Stainless Steel and is effective in the field because it can withstand harsh conditions.

Stainless steel is an excellent material choice for tags and plates that need to be durable and maintain longevity.

Anondized Aluminum is also an excellent choice for tags and plates for use on industrial equipment that need to withstand adverse conditions and exposure to chemicals like diesel fuel and caustic soda.  Shown below is a small sign that is silk screened anodized aluminum.

Contact Liz at drake.com for a consultation for your oil and gas field labeling needs.  Quotes are free and are provided in 24 hours.  512.610.1161.

Silk Screen Anodized Aluminum

Prototype OEM Server Bezels

December 19th, 2013 by

branded server bezel

Typically our order minimum for bezel rebranding is 25 units be we can accomodate prototype orders as well.

Shown above are two Supermicro bezels that we prototyped recently.  The customer had two ideas for custom painted faceplates (server bezels) and wanted to see each idea before commiting to one design.  These are both Custom PMS matched bezels meaning that the orange paint was matched to a PMS shade given by the customer.  A contrasting “pin striping” effect was added to the horizontal grooves of each bezel.  A set of three custom logo badges or medallions were added to each bezel.  Badges can be manufactured as “flat” or “domed” with polyurethane (also known as 3D labels).  Permanent acrylic adhesive is used for these badges.

Manufacturing time for these prototypes was 2 – 3 weeks after receipt of the bezels and approval of the badge art.

Prototype bezels are easy to produce and are effective marketing tools.  Contact Chris at drake.com 512.251.2231 to discuss your rebranding project.  Drake can rebrand any server/bezel to your specifications.

OEM Rebranding

Logo Medallions or “Badges”

December 13th, 2013 by
Domed Logo Medallion - Cut Out Style

Domed Logo Medallion – Cut Out Style

A fast and easy way to brand your products is with a logo medallion, or “badge”.  Typically these medallions are placed on items that are used indoors but our materials are durable enough to be used out doors and in harsh conditions.

There are two types of logo badges/medallions: flat and domed.

Flat Branding Badge or Medallion

Flat Branding Badge or Medallion

Domed Branding Badge or Medallion

Domed Branding Badge or Medallion

Domed logo badges are so-called because they have a layer of polyurethane sitting on the surface giving the badge a domed or “3D” apprearance.  Domed badges can be cut outs or geometric shapes.  It gives the logo a sparkly appearance like a drop of water sitting on t op of the logo.

Flat logo badges are manufactured without a polyurethane coating.

Minimum orders of logo badges are quantity 25.

Contact us with questions regarding your branding needs.  We look forward to hearing about your project.  800.531.5073  quotes@drake.com

Domed Branding Badge or Medallion - Cut out style

Domed Branding Badge or Medallion – Cut out style

UL® Stainless Steel Dataplates

December 13th, 2013 by
Stainless Steel Dataplate with UL mark

Stainless Steel Dataplate with UL mark

Stainless Steel Dataplates need to be strong, corrosion resistant, and heat resistant. Drake manufactures stainless steel dataplates and is also certified to print the UL® mark on stainless steel upon request. Drake Industries manufactures stainless steel dataplates which are able to withstand exposure to extreme weather, chemicals, grime, and fuels while remaining legible and functional.

Drake’s stainless steel applications are available in a range of different gauges: 8 gauge to 26 gauge – special thicknesses are available upon request. Drake Industries produces stainless steel dataplates with 304 and 316 alloys for the most demanding of conditions.

Contact Drake Industries for your next Stainless Steel UL® Dataplate.  We look forward to speaking with you about your project.  800.531.5073  quotes@drake.com