Examples of the many custom-design, durable labels available from Drake.

Custom Label Tips

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Thermal Transfer Labels and Stickers

June 25th, 2013 by

Thermal Transfer or “Hot Stamp” labels are affordable, long lasting and quick to make.  This process is ideal for small to high-volume custom production runs.

UID/2D Matrix Marking and Human Readable Text.

UID/2D Matrix Marking and Human Readable Text.

Tamper Resistant or "Void" label.

Tamper Resistant or “Void” label.

Sequential serial number labels, barcode stickers, UID marking, tamper resistant labels, and product labeling are some of the uses for Hot Stamp labels.   Thermal Transfer labels are typically manufactured from polyester which is very durable.

Drake Industries maintains a “die library” that contains thousands of custom and standard dies available at no additional cost for use on your order. Multiple options for color matching, laminates and die cuts exist.

Labels are delivered in rolls to your specification, including outwound or inwound, the number of labels per roll and the spacing between labels.

Our production team can break down labels on rolls to your specifications.  Examples include: “Bags of 10; Labeled with: Quantity, Date of Manufacture, PO#, Vendor Name, P/N”.

Provide specifications and our production team can break down labels on rolls to easily identified bags of small quantities.

Provide specifications and our production team can break down labels on rolls to easily identified bags of small quantities.

We look forward to discussing your project.  We can provide quotes or answer questions should you be unsure of substrates, adhesives, dies, etc.


Chemically Resistant Labels

June 19th, 2013 by


Metalphoto Caution Gold Yellow label

Metalphoto® Data Tag manufactured with satin, Sunfast Gold material.

Do you have a need for labels and name plates that must maintain their appearance and legibility when exposed to harsh chemicals or in extreme weather?  Photosensitive Aluminum, also known as Metalphoto®, delivers durability and functionality under the most demanding conditions.  Not only is Photosensitive Aluminum incredibly durable, it is also very lightweight which adds to this material’s appeal.

Metalphoto® labels and nameplates are die cut to your specifications and are available in thicknesses of .003″ to .063″.  State of the art lasers are used to cut the material as well as traditional 100 ton clamshell die presses.

Colors and finishes include: satin Sunfast Gold and natural brushed aluminum in any of the following colors: Blue, Brown, Magenta, Purple, Red, and Yellow.

Metalphoto® product marking solutions manufactured by Drake can be found in industries such as, oil/gas, avionics, aerospace/NASA, industrial/manufacturing, consumer electronics, military, oceanic/nautical, and government. Photosensitive aluminum labels can withstand harsh chemicals like diesel fuel, sulphuric acid and emulsifiers.

Contact us for quotes or information about Metalphoto® product marking solutions.  We look forward to hearing about your project.  Email us quotes at drake.com or eight hundred 531.5073.

Aluminum MetalPhoto Sensor Assembly

3 Week OEM Server Re-Branding

June 14th, 2013 by
Re-Branded OEM rackmont server bezel, oval logo "medallion" or "badge"

On left, Re-Branded OEM rackmont server bezel, oval logo “medallion” or “badge” (“CRI”).

Customizing your OEM servers is easy with Drake’s OEM rebranding program.  Simply provide your logo art and Drake can manufacture custom logo “medallions’ or “badges”, as shown above. ( Art requirements are listed at the end of this post.)

Logo medallions are the fastest option if you are in need of re-branding right away.  Other options include PMS color matched painted bezels, custom bezel “skins”, and Designer Re-branded bezels.

Drake also re-brands towers, workstations, and laptops.

We have been re-branding servers for ten years and we will walk you through the re-branding process.  Time to market is 3 weeks, minimum quantity 25 units.  Contact our OEM Re-Branding Dept 512.610.1176.

Custom Hand Painted with Your Colors and Designs

Custom Hand Painted OEM rack mounted bezel with Your Colors and Designs

Custom Pattern: Wood Grain Bezel

Custom Pattern: Wood Grain Bezel, 2U Poweredge

Custom OEM Bezel Skin 2U Poweredge

Custom OEM Bezel Skin 2U Poweredge

ART SUBMISSION:  please provide vector art in Adobe Illustrator (.ai or .eps) format (text as outline) inversion CS3, or PDF files without password protection.  Or, send as an AutoCAD .dxf file saved
to CAD2000 (text as fonts).  Identify colors using the Pantone Matching System (PMS).  File formats .psd,.jpg, .tif, or .png must be 300 dpiminimum.  Color matching approximate.   Other types of art may be acceptable but may incur additional art charges.