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Save Hundreds on Durable Label Orders

April 29th, 2013 by


Custom Steel Rule Die

Custom Steel Rule Die

For more than 40 years Drake Labels has been producing durable labeling products and aquiring thousands of dies that can be made available for your project at no additional charge and save hundreds of dollars off your order. Steel rule dies produce the closest tolerances and cleanest cuts on all kinds of label printing materials like aluminum, polycarbonate, mylar, and polyester.

Spacers, specialized adhesives, seals and gaskets are also cut with steel rule dies.

If you choose your label manufacturer carefully, you can keep costs down and still get that razor smooth cut you’re looking for.

We can also produce your labels with a custom made steel rule die if your label/tag/overlay requires.

Steel rule dies produce labels that are delivered on sheets and/or individually; with adhesive, and without adhesive.

Drake Labels has been in the business of manufacturing durable and custom labels in the United States since the 1960s.  It is a veteran owned company and everything that Drake manufactures is made in the US. Drake uses high quality equipment, such as 100-ton clamshell presses that cut label material up to .020 mils thick.

For more information, including a list of more than 3000 dies available at no additional charge, follow this link to Drake’s RFQ form or call 800.531.5073.

Offshore Technology Conference, Houston 2013

April 25th, 2013 by
44th Annual Offshore Technology Conference this year beginning May 6 through May 9, 2013

Drake will be exibiting at the Offshore Technology Conference May 6 – 9 2013

Join Drake Labels at Reliant Park in Houston for the 2013 Offshore Technology Conference. The Offshore Technology Conference is the largest Oil & Gas trade show in the world and is widely considered to be the best event to make valuable contacts and to learn more about the offshore Oil & Gas industry.

Drake Labels in Austin, Texas is perfectly situated to provide North American companies with the durable labeling products that are crucial to running a successful operation. Drake Labels has been providing custom, durable labeling products like aluminum tags, stainless steel plates, lightweight aluminum photosensitive plates and polyester labels to oil & gas companies in Central Texas and the Gulf of Mexico for over 45 years.  View a short video showcasing some of our Oil & Gas industry related products.

Digitally Printed Polycarbonate Logo Label

Digitally Printed Polycarbonate Logo Label

The Offshore Technology Conference is funded by businesses and technical societies in all aspects of the energy industry – businesses like Drake.  We will be joining customers and partners alike at the OTC  – see list below.  Drake Labels is a veteran owned business and all tags, labels and plates are made in the US.

Accumulators, Inc

Accurate Coating


Control Flow


FANN Halliburton

FMC Technologies

Gardner Denver



Lime Instruments

L-K Industries



NRG Manufacturing

OFI Testing Equipment

Oil States Industries

Quest-Tech Solutions


Sharewell Energy Services

Solid Concepts



Assembly Services – Polycarbonate Graphic Overlays

April 24th, 2013 by

Overlay, aluminum plate, and overlay affixed to plate

Pictured above is a polycarbonate graphic overlay (top).  In the middle you see the aluminum plate that it is made for and on the bottom of the image the overlay has been affixed to the plate.

Below left is another graphic overlay.  The aluminum panel it is made for is in the center and to the right the overlay has been affixed to the plate.

Polycarbonate Overlay attached to aluminum panel (right)

Polycarbonate Overlay attached to aluminum panel (right)


Polycarbonate is durable and light weight.  An advantage to using polycarbonate for graphic panel overlays or instrumentation panels is that windows can be utilized.  Holes are complete openings in an overlay (think of a rivet hole)  whereas Windows have a clear overlay, like a pane of glass in a window.  (Window pictured above under “Sutron 9210 XLite”).  Windows are needed for dials and other diplays.

Drake Labels is available to perform assembly services.  Many of our clients send their aluminum panels to us.  After we manufacture the overlay we will affix it to a metal plate/panel at our customer’s request.  Your graphic panel and plate are then ready for your project right out of the box.

Contact Drake for a no obligation quote provided in 24 hours.

Labels on Rolls – Outwound Inwound

April 16th, 2013 by
Diagram of Label Position on Roll - Inwound / Outwound Diagram

Diagram of Label Position on Roll – Inwound / Outwound Diagram

The language of labels can be confusing.  Is it a “label”?  A “sticker”, “decal”?  To add more confusion , how do you describe which way a label sits on a roll?  Use this chart to determine the direction of your label as the roll UNwinds.


When ordering labels on rolls it is important to know whether the labels will be applied by hand or by machine as well as the position of the label on the roll


For example, Outwound Position No. 3: On the OUTSIDE of the roll, the RIGHT side of the label comes off of the roll first.


Inwound Position No. 5:  On the INSIDE of the roll, the TOP of the label comes off first.



Domed, Bubble and 3D Labels

April 9th, 2013 by

Custom Shaped Domed Branding Label

Digitally printed, domed 3D labels add the perfect finishing touch when branding your product. Flat labels will have a more dimensional appearance when domed with a thin polyurethane coating is applied, leaving the label shiny and bright.  Clients choose domed labels to add perceived value to their product and for their logo to really Pop.
The silver label below is actually 5 separate labels, each with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. Domed or “Bubble” labels can be found on a wide range of products from kitchen cabinets, to bathtubs, automobiles, boats, solar power converters, and computer servers.

5 Pc Domed Branding Label

5 Pc Domed Branding Label

Circular Domed Branding Labels

Circular Domed Branding Labels

Domed, polyurethane coated labels are suitable for indoor or outdoor use although the longest lasting labels will be applied to indoor products. Labels, stickers and decals can be manufactured from aluminum, polyester, or polycarbonate to match your durability requirements.
Metallic and textured finishes are available as are full digital color and custom shapes. PMS color matching is offered to give your domed labels consistency with other marketing collateral.
The acrylic adhesive that is applied to these labels is permanent. Small quantities are supported and turnaround times are fast to match your need to bring your products to market as quickly as possible.

Domed Textrured Branding Labels

Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel Barcode Plates and Tags

April 1st, 2013 by

Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel Barcode TagsCeramic Coated Stainless Steel Barcode Tags can withstand heavy weather, exposure to solvents, and other harsh chemicals. These plates and tags can resist temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and exposure to salt spray without corroding. Stainless Steel Ceramic Coated Barcoded Tags are an excellent choice for offshore oil & gas platforms due to their durability and hard-wearing nature.

A ceramic overcoat is bonded to 26 gauge stainless steel (304 or 316 alloy). Tabs for welding and rivet holes for mechanical fastening are available.

These tags and dataplates are manufactured to resist the harshest chemicals, including

Caustic soda/Sodium hydroxide
Diesel fuel
Rig soap
Sulfuric acid

Standard barcode symbols are supported as well as 2D Data Matrix and human readable text.

Barcoded Tags and Plates are custom die cut to customer specifications. Standard and rush production times are available on prototypes as well as low- and mid-volume orders.